26 September Tuesday

Murder Attempt, Outraging Modesty of Women; Eldose Kunapilli Mounted With More Charges

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Oct 18, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Police slapped more charges on  MLA Eldose Kunnapilli relating to the rape case against him. Fresh charges comprise section 307 and 354 standing for murder attempt and outraging women’s modesty respectively.

The new charges are based on survivor’s statements in her testimony. The incident at Kovalam on 14 September, made out to be beating, was in fact a murder attempt, the survivor stated. Kunappilli had pushed her to the ground and attempted to kill her at the time, the woman said, testifying in front of investigating officials and the magistrate.

Meanwhile the Crime Branch team investigating the case is preparing to arrest the absconding MLA.

Police have found  clothes the MLA wore, when police arrived at scene they thought was domestic brawl in car  that late night Kovalam on 14th of September. The MLA’s clothes were found from the complainant teacher’s house, crumbling his denial of ever having visited the woman’s house. The dress worn by the victim when the Kovalam assault took place too has been collected as evidence in the case.

Police visited the MLA’s residence recently only to find it locked They also extended their search to places he was  commonly know to frequent in Kadavantra, but to no avail. Police brought in Eldose’s wife, PA and his  driver for questioning. On Fridey the survivor will be taken to  Ernakulam  to collect more evidences to corroborate with the satements.