04 December Saturday

Mullaperiyar Water Rises Above 138 Ft; Dam To Open Tomorrow

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Oct 28, 2021

Idukki : Water level in Mullaperiyar dam has risen to 138.05 ft, following this, the district administration has as of now issued 2nd  alert toward likely opening of the dam tomorrow, if the climb persists.   The dam shutter , if opened, will be raised at 7 am morning Thursday, Tamil Nadu informed Kerala. The catchment area of the dam is currently witnessing heavy rainfall.

State minister for water resources, Roshy Augustine, toured Mullaperiyar early in the day to take firsthand stock of the situation and informed that preliminary steps towards dam opening are in progress.

Residents on the banks of Peiryar are put on high alert. Those to be evacuated to safety will be shifted to camps today. Preparations, including list of potential evacuees, are ready.

Tamil Nadu continues to take away 2300 cubic ft water from Mullaperiyar. However, the current inflow into the dam  records at  9300 cubic ft.

Kerala asks  for water level to be maintained at 137 ft  and the demand stands unchanged, said Roshy Agustine. Owing to depression formed over Bay of Bengal, the state is likely to have rains up to 31st October – meaning gross amounts of water will flow  into the dam.  Also, water levels spike unexpectedly under severe rain conditions. Under the circumstances, Tamil Nadu should take away much as water as possible, the minister said.

All preparations are in place for the dam opening. Details have been collected, of 884 families comprising 3320 people who live within  27 km proximity to the dam, including their names and phone numbers. Two Deputy Collectors have been assigned to the Vandiperiyar and Upputhura regions. Separate list has been prepared of women, children and pregnant ladies in the risk areas, the minister said.

Meanwhile, the Supreme Court will today hold further hearing of   Mullaperiyar issue.