20 January Thursday
Putting safety of people's lives first, we must push for a new dam, the minister said.

Mullaperiyar : Unexpected Of Tamil Nadu Govt; Will Inform Protest : Min Roshy Augustine

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Dec 2, 2021

Kottayam : Protest against opening of Mullaperiyar shutters in late hours without warning shall be conveyed to the Tamil Nadu government, said Water Resources Minister Rosy Augustine. Raising shutters without  complying with procedures is a matter of  serious concern.  The Chief Minister will raise the topic  with Tamil Nadu government directly. Also, Kerala will demand an urgent meeting of the Overseeing Committee, said the minister speaking at a press conference.

Opening dam shutters at night without warning puts people in harm’s way. Such move was totally unexpected of Tamil Nadu. It is court order to comply with rule curve. However, Tamil Nadu  failed to do that and that amounts to contempt of court. Releasing of water without warning  when above 142 ft, shall be dealt with legally. The matter shall be raised on 10 December when Supreme Court will take up related hearing, the minister said.

The first shutter was raised without information at any point.  The 2nd shutter opened 2.30 am later with  information issued delayed at 2.44 am. Then at 3.30, in similar fashion without warning, 8 more shutters were raised, the intimation of which was conveyed as late as 4.27 am, the minister said.

MPs from Kerala will  raise the matter in parliament today and bring it to the notice of the central government as well.  Steps will be taken to upscale vigil  in  riversides areas. If necessary, based on dam’s water level in the evening, measures shall be put in place after  calculating quantum water Tamil Nadu will likely to  release during a given night. Precautionary steps are being taken by officials including  RDO, said the minister, adding that, steps shall also be taken if there be need for still further measures.

The government’s top priority is safety of its people. The government does not wish for its  people to be plunged into panic situation. The issue  is a state problem and we must push for a new dam putting safety of  people’s lives first, the minister said.