28 June Tuesday

Mullaperiyar : Supervisory Committee Should Decide On Safe Water Level : Supreme Court

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Oct 25, 2021

New Delhi :   The state government petitioned   Supreme Court seeking that  Tamil Nadu keep  water level at Mullaperiyar dam at a maximum of  139 feet.

The state pointed out that, in  Supreme Court court order issued during 2018 floods,  139 feet was fixed as  maximum allowable level for water at the dam during floods and urged for that mark to be observed in circumstances now.

Tamil Nadu opposed the request claiming water level in 2018 did in fact exceed 139 ft and further that there were flood conditions of that kind presently including lack of heavy rains in Idukki currently.

The court observed that the Supervisory Committee is better positioned to  decide on safe water levels at the dam and asked to revert with Committee’s decision on maximum permissible level in a day or two. The case will be  further heard on Wednesday.