04 December Sunday

Moves To Galvanise Anti-Communist Front In Changanasserry : Kodiyeri

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Mar 21, 2022

Kannur : There are moves  under cover of K-Rail protest to galvanize broader anti-communist front in Changanasserry, said CPI(M) State Secretary Kodiyeri Balakrishnan. Union ministers, public figures and religious heads have made visits to protest venue of Madapally. Changanasserry was seat to Freedom Movement. However, present  leaders ought to remember this is not the 57 – 59 era, said Kodiyeri, speaking after memorial tree-planting as part of party Congress.

Those protesting against the LDF government can do that on political plane. There is no need to use K-Rail for a cover. The govt will implement the project with public by its side.  Rail projects are ongoing in eight states.  Congress and BJP are stirring up protest only here. Why is Congress not conducting protests at other places. Home owners are reinstating  survey stones the protesters removed because they know  there would be adequate compensation.

This protest is not from people who stand to lose land. Rather, it is more of political ploy .  Removal of survey stones will not make the project go away. If it were so, removing of foundation stone would suffice. How many   foundation stones laid by UDF government has seen anything rise over them? The LDF govt handed 1040 houses to people. Has Congress been able to provide a single one ?  Those going about removing stones from all over should build and give at least one house. Shouldn’t they ?, asked Kodiyeri.

There is meticulous conspiracy that’s gone into the orchestrating  of K-Rail protests.  Why are women and children being roped  into the protest. The plan was to pour petrol and set people ablaze. There is propaganda about attack on women and children .Does not police have responsibility to save lives of the people ? This is why they moved people out of harm’s way, said Kodiyeri.

Reporters quoted K. Sudhakaran as saying that  an airport was better idea than K-Rail. To this, Kodiyeri responding saying   aren’t they opposed to  Airport plan in Sabarimala ?