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Unlike in other states where Congressmen exit and join BJP, in Kerala they opt for LDF

More Congress Leaders Prepare To Leave; Leadership Nervous

K SreekantanUpdated: Wednesday Sep 15, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : For Congress collapsing under intense infighting,  KP Anil Kumar’s departure has dealt a severe blow to the new power equation.  Unnerved, Congress leaders like K Sudhakaran are  downplaying the development  with quotes like smoky cinder gets discarded(പുകഞ്ഞ കൊള്ളി പുറത്ത്‌), full tanks spill out ( ടാങ്ക്‌ നിറഞ്ഞാൽ തുളുമ്പും) etc. Indications are rife about  leaders and workers preparing to leave the party in large numbers. Congress leadership is warily on watch about who might come  next on the list featuring  KPCC Secretary PS Prashant, General Secretary KP Anil Kumar.

KP Anil Kumar’s profile is way larger than an average Congressman. He has had a long stint as KPCC  General Secretary in charge of organisational affairs – only next in power to the its President. Anil Kumar has also served as Youth Congress’s state president for five years. His tenure with party posts includes serving as General Secretary under four KPCC presidents. His current exit thus comes after adorning leadership positions spanning decades. Also, KP Anil Kumar’s  departure from the party dares both the High Command that scorned Oomen Chandy and Ramesh Chennithala for their dissent on DCC Presidents’ list,  as well as K  Sudhakaran, who flashed the disciplinary action flag at the pair.

The questions Anil Kumar threw up at the press conference has set leadership’s knees trembling. The indication that he will reveal more in coming days, is by no means a small threat. The High Command is obliged for an answer to Anil Kumar’s question as to how K Sudhakaran owning a BJP mindset can possibly steer Congress. He crumbled K Sudhakaran’s argument of transforming Congress into “Semi Cadre” mode by asking why semi-cadre style for a party that has cadre system in place ?

For those who rejoiced about advent of good days for Congress and  end of its groupism following Oomen Chandy and Chennithala’s outbursts over party restructuring, the current quakes are startling. Close on heels of KPCC Secretary,  the General Secretary too has bid adieu to Congress and embraced the red flag. Notable amid this is Anil Kumar’s statement that he decided on  working for CPI(M) because  he wishes  a dignified social service for himself.

 While Congressmen in other states are severing their ties to join BJP, in Kerala, they opt for  LDF instead wishing to work for secular ideology.