27 September Tuesday

Case of Molesting Son Fake; Police Submit Report To POCSO Court

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Jun 21, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : The allegation against a mother-of-four in Kadakavur about sexually molesting her 14-year old son is found to have been a falsified tale. The teen had  testified  he was sexually abused during the past three years.

The boy was subject to medical examination by a special doctors’ team at Thiruvananthapuram Medical College that found no evidence pertaining to the claimed abuse.

The police chief ordered  probe into the incident after relatives and neighbors endorsed the woman’s claim that her husband was manipulating the son to avenge her refusal for divorce, so he could marry again.

The police submitted their findings before POCSO court. The woman was arrested under POCSO last December on complaint that originated from her  husband.