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Modi Arrogant, Says Meghalaya Governor: Asked If “Farmers Died For Me”

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Jan 3, 2022

New Delhi : Meghalaya Governor Satyapal Mallik expresses strong rebuke for Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s attitude. PM was adamant when requested to take initiative to end the farmers’ protest, said Mallik.  “Had the farmers died for me, asked PM. Following this, I ended up quarreling with him,” said Mallik.

The Governor was speaking at a public gathering in Dadra, where he said : I met with PM urging for reconciliation with protesting farmers.  He was irked in just five minutes. 500 farmers lost their lives  during the protest. To this, PM asked if they had died for him. It happened because I am the king around, he said and directed me to meet with Amit Shah, ending the meeting that made headway.

Mallik is one among early leaders who criticised Centre’s attitude toward farmers’ protest. He was former Governor of  Kashmir from where he was shifted to Goa and Meghalaya later.