04 February Saturday

Milk Prices Set To Increase In Two Days : Minister

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Nov 23, 2022

Thiruvananathapuram : Decision on raising  milk prices is set to happen in two days, said Minister for Dairy Development,  J Chichurani, additionally hinting that the hike would not be less than Rs 5 per litre.  While what is in front of it is the interim report Milma submitted, the government decided to not wait until full report submission to remedy the pressing problem of high input costs.

As a co-operative society Milma is empowered to raise milk prices. However, Milma has approached the government so there is relevant decision on  various subsidies authorities provide to livestock farmers, the minister said.

Milma has urged government for a minimum Rs 6-per-litre rise on milk prices. Milma has asked the management for report relating to price rise imminent on milk products.