28 March Tuesday

Mask Slipping Off Conspiracy : No Reference To CM In Nine Testimonies Swapna Gave

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Friday Jun 10, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : Mask is slipping off the  RSS - hatched conspiracy using Swapna Suresh to make a mockery of Chief Minister and his family.  With  strong investigations launched, facts behind scenes are bound to fall out one by one. Each of the  allegations listed in  Swapna’s  anticipatory bail plea clearly points to  Sangh Parivar’s  intervention in the matter.

Claims that, there took place at UAE Counsulate,  activities amounting to waging war against the country(IPC sec 121), is obviously a  RSS concoction. It is a law provision the Centre often abuses to intimidate its political – religious enemies.  In fact, Supreme Court has stepped many a time to rein in the trend. The whole motive is to try elicit  gains  by roping in central agencies and create political dramas.

Backlash Certain
This game of getting Swapna Suresh to constantly change version is bound to backfire.  Principal Sessions Court  in Ernakulam has already expressed  doubts on Swapna’s ever-changing testimonies. In  eight of her testimonies, Swapna makes no mention of the Chief Minister or Sivasankar. Then, out of the blue, in her 9th version, Swapna claims Sivasankar is involved. On the same day, she testified the Chief Minister has no knowledge of the matter.  Incidentally, Central agencies, in their finding, have confirmed Swapna lied about the commission she received in gold smuggling.

Re-washing Long Rejected Linen
Disappointed with not being able to harm LDF despite all efforts,  RSS and UDF is making a last ditch attempt to   wash once again the dirty linen  public rejected long ago.  The public takes note of  how  RSS has no qualms to play it dirty to somehow keep gold smuggling case on  buzz. They also watch how media fits into the game.  The   Tuesday morning fake story surrounding ex-journalist   Shaj Kiran was one such instance. And, all lies crumbled once the accused journalist himself came out with what really transpired.