04 October Wednesday

Man Sentenced To 8 Years In Jail For Abuse of 10-year-Old Girl ; Fine Rs 35,000

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 27, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : A man in Thiruvananthapuram was sentenced to 10-year jail term for abuse of 10-year-old girl next door. He is also required to pay Rs 35,000 fine, failing which the jail time would extend for a year more.

The incident took place in 2021. One night in February the little girl stepped outside of her home into the courtyard to pass urine. At the time, the culprit Sudhi(32) lured her into his house. The parents came looking for the girl outside and found her seated in the culprit’s lap and being made to watch porn on mobile.

18 items of evidentiary value were presented before the court. Special prosecutors RS Vijay Mohan, M Mubeen and RY Akhilesh appeared for the Prosecution. The case investigated by police officers R Ratheesh and S Syamakumary. The verdict was handed at Special Fasttrack Court Judge R. Sudharshan.