30 September Saturday

Man Murders, Pressure Cooks Body Parts of Live-in-partner in Mumbai

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jun 8, 2023

Mumbai : A 56-year-old Mumbai man has been arrested for murder of his 32-year-old live-in-partner and pressure cooking her butchered body parts. The brutal crime took place in a flat no. 704 on 7th floor of  Akashdeep building in Mira Road. The deceased was identified as Saraswati Vaidya.

The body parts were cooked to hide odour bound to emanate otherwise from decomposition. The police said the suspect, Manoj Shahani, appears to have fed much of the cooked remains to stray dogs.

The flat is owned by the builder, and the couple have been living on rent for three years.  The police said, Manoj showed no remorse during interrogation and has not disclosed motive behind the killing.

The incident came to light after  neighbours complained of  strong stench emanating from the flat. When police broke open the locked house, they came up on body parts of the woman, though much of them were missing.