25 September Monday

Make Success Of PArty Fund Collection Drive : CPI(M)

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday Aug 17, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : CPI(M) will conduct fund collection campaign starting 1 November up to the 14th.  The party secretary urged all units of the party to help raise monies to fund year-long activities needed from time to time.

As the  BJP govt gets aggressive in its implementation of  corporate agenda, it uses Hindutva  bait and power excesses to counter wide protests against those policies.  The Central government is also pursuing deliberate measures intended to dismantle the constitutionally conferred values of  secularism, federalism, freedom and rights to protest.

The State government holds out measures to counter these kind of policies of the Centre. The State  endeavours taking up as many public sector units as possible that  the Central govt has pushed  up for privatisation. The State government advances by strengthening its interventions in the sectors of health, education and other prime sectors.  What’s also happening on parallel is gross neglect on part of Centre for state’s financial sector and that poses serious impediment to public welfare measures run here. The state battle encompasses  fending off communal polarization and create a new face of democracy in the state. The state govt endevours to create a society with scientific outlook whose production and production capabilities stand elated and has a fair distribution system.

All party members must make  whatever donations they possibly can. People contact must be made house-to-house and at workplaces and enterprises as part of party fund collection. When party workers approach for fund purposes, all possible support must be extended, urged the CPI(M) State Secretary.