29 March Wednesday

Mahila Morcha Leader’s Suicide : BJP Leader Surrenders

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Jul 15, 2022

Palakkad : BJP leader Prajeev turned himself in at Palakkad police station in connection with the suicide of Mahila Morcha leader, Sharanya.  Prajeev has been absconding since the news of suicide note naming him became known.  Prajeev surrended at Palakkad Town North Police station at 10 am this morning.

Sharanya made references to Prajeev in her 5-page suicide note. Also, Prajeev’s relatives testified accusing him following which, the police registered case charging Prajeev with  abetting suicide.

Sharanya was found hanging inside her home on Saturday evening. She left behind a  note that said  Prajeev was responsible for her suicide. In her note Sharanya accused  Prajeev of manipulating  her in several ways and then leaving just herself to blame. Prajeev should not be allowed to get away, said Sharanya in her dying  note.