29 September Thursday

Let Accusers Couple Their Claims With Proof, Combating Covid Sole Focus Now : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Apr 20, 2020

THIRUVANANTHAPURAM : "I do not wish to respond to unnecessary controversies at a time when we are combating a potentially deadly pandemic, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan."


All our efforts are solely focused on keeping the virus at bay.  Accusations raised by the Opposition have no basis whatsoever. I have made matters clear enough. Let history decide matters, said CM who addressed the media after a meeting held to assess Covid situation in the State.


Some among you might be engaged in fabricating news.  Years back, while serving as Party Secretary, didn’t media weave a tale claiming a splinter group by the name CPI(M) Forum was in the making ? And what did  truth later turn out to be ?, the minister asked.


Such fake news surfaced a few times later too and people eventually knew the four to five individuals behind the ploy, said CM. That now is history, he added.  Incidentally, I am seated where I am after having faced all that, the minister reminded.


Don’t view me as someone who is emotionally hyper-reactive. Neither  am I  here to answer controversies thrown up by people of that kind. There are more urgent jobs on hand. And why should you(reporter) have worries that I don’t; let those leveling allegations come up with proof whatsoever, said CM.