01 February Wednesday

Left Govt Will Ensure Wellbeing Of Fish Workers : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Aug 13, 2022

Kollam : The Left government will ensure  fish workers' welfare, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan, speaking at inaugural of  congregation organised by Fish Workers Federation.

The Central government is intruding on all rights of the country’s coastal sector. The government earlier, and that in the present have ruined the fishing sector. The  Central govt's new policy is  designed with aim to help corporates and monopolies. The core policy with Centre is one that  writes off to the corporates, all sectors that have close bearing on wide public.

The Left government in Kerala is doing things possible to ensure welfare of the fishing community. It was Congress’s Narishma Rao govt that first opened fishing to foreign trawlers. The BJP govt took a step  further, encroaching the state government rights on coastal waters, a violation that  poses challenge to securing  safety and wellbeing of the fisher folks

New economic policies that go by the name of Blue Economy etc deepens that challenge. At the time of accepting GATT agreement and Dunkel draft recommendation, Congress had said there would open up, more opportunities and markets for the country’s farmers. However, three decades on, the farmers’ community are on verge of collapse.  The Blue Economy policy will create similar scenario for the  fishing sector, said CM.