28 January Saturday

Slandered By Congress As Murder Culprit, Local League Leader in Pattambi Resigns to Join DYFI

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Sep 7, 2020


Palakkad : Unable to withstand Congress’s slander any more, Youth League Leader and Kottumund branch president in Patambi, Hakim, resigned from the party to join DYFI.   Congress workers propped up Hakim’s picture and spread  rumours about his involvement in the Venjaramoodu murders.

Later, even when  realizing the accusation to be wrong,  Congress workers refused to cease with their maligning campaign. The last straw came when Hakim’s own party, the Muslim League, remained silent over the false propaganda. Hurt, Hakim submitted his resignation and joined DYFI to work for the Left.