08 June Thursday

Leaders With Nothing To do Trying To Create Splits : VD Satheesan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Mar 4, 2022

Kannur : Leaders who have no work to do are striving to create divisions inside Congress, said Opposition Leader VD Satheesan. He was responding to media query on his differences with K Sudhakaran.
Satheesan said some insiders  were attempting to create rift between him and K Sudhakaran. Some who were rendered workless  recently are the ones doing this,  said Satheesan. These people are spreading rumours that I am  forming a new Group. These persons have no kind of loyalty to the party and are consumed with loss of  their power  positions. It is time they comprehend change of leadership in its fair sense, said Satheesan.

Though Satheesan  named no one in his  narrative, the briefing  left very little doubt in anyone’s mind  on the trouble  makers’  identities.