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The women were alleged likened to prostitutes in the remarks from MSF leadership

Lewd Talk; Harita Rejects Ultimatum To Withdraw Complaint Against MSF Leaders; League Prepares For Action

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Aug 17, 2021

Malappuram : The Muslim League is preparing to invoke  disciplinary action against Harita leaders for rejecting  its ultimatum asking  the women members to withdraw complaint against sexually-tinged remarks made by the leaders of the party’s students wing, the MSF. According to sources, action could entail  dissolving the Harita state committee itself. Harita is refusing to budge on its complaint against MSF leaders including the president PK Navas for making sexually vulgar remarks targeting the members.

The League ultimatum to Harita - MSF’s women’s wing -  asks for withdrawal of  complaint within next 24 hours for any prospect on talks on the topic. The ultimatum also warns of ‘next’  action if the women leaders did not roll back their complaint. Asking for pullback of complaint were League All India General Secretary PK Kunjalikutty and Working Committee member PM Sadiqh Thangal.

Kunjalikutty came down heavily on the women complainants saying holding party at gunpoint will not be tolerated.  Any kind of talks shall happen only if the complaint is withdrawn said Sadiqh Thangal. Harita office bearers were firm on their stand saying  there would be no yielding to threats and that there would be dire decisionsm if the party resorted to disciplinary action.

The Harita complaint signed by 10 leaders accuses MSF state president PK Navas and Malappuram District General Secretary V  Abdul Wahab for sexually-peppered comments.

The lewd comments allegedly came about at MSF’s state committee meeting -  “Harita leaders with  hesitation to giving birth are a kind of feminists,”  said one MSF leader. Also, the women members were likened to prostitutes, read the complaint lodged with Kozhikode City Special Branch that’s looking into the incident. Thus the  League's pressure tactics comes amid the police probe. Incidentally, the Harita members had submitted their grievance to League months back. They got no  no response however following which,  they lodged the police complaint.