04 October Wednesday

LDF Shines Through Local Body Elections; Bags 9 Out of 19; Four Non-incumbent Seats

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Wednesday May 31, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram:  LDF puts on  stellar performance in the Local Body by-elections in state winning nine out of nineteen seats in all. Of these, two were seized from incumbent BJP, one from the UDF and another from PC George’s party in Poonjar.

UDF won in nine wards as  well,  of which, three were UDF incumbent seats. They comprise seats where LDF, the last time, by a one and four-vote lead. They are : ward in Pathanamthitta's Mylapra that UDF has flipped from LDF,  then Mudalamada in Palakkad and Cheruthazham in Kannur. LDF candidates had won Mulamada by four votes the last time and by one in Cheruthazham.

BJP lost two of its incumbent seats. Both were taken by LDF. However in Palakkad, BJP managed to flip away  one of LDF seats.

In Kollam’s Anchal, LDF captured BJP seat and also in Ernakulam’s Nellikuzhi Panchayat. UDF won Puthupadi seat in Kozhikode district. The LDF

LDF wins Muttada ward in Thiruvananthapuram Corporation where CPIM)’s Ajith Raveendran defeated Congress’s R.Lalan by 203 votes. The byelection was necessitated owing to death of LDF Councilor TP Rinoi. Ajijth is Local Committee member at Keshavadaspuram and Secreary of DYFI Regional Committee and Block Joint Secretary.

UDF retained Karnara ward in Pazhekunninmel. A.Aparna from Congress won by a 12-vote lead there. The LDF candidate was VL Revathi.

LDF seized BJP’s sitting seat in Thazamel Ward 14 in Anchal Panchayat, where LDF candidate G Somarajan defeated BJP’s candidate by 264 votes. UDF ceded to third position here. The byelection was held after the BJP Councilor resigned following internal conflict. It was a SC Reserved seat.
LDF has Anchal with a clear majority. The rival candidates were Bavilu(BJP) and KCB Binu(UDF independent).

UDF candidate JC Vaghese won 5th Ward in Mylapra Panchayat. The election came in the wake of death of former CPI(M) Councilor Chandrika Suil.  The losing candidates were Sherin from KDF and B Joseph. UDF secured a 76-vote majority here.. The Panchayat strength is UDF 230, LDF 156 and BJP 146 - a likely scenario for draw from the lot to decide who will govern.

LDF candidate Bindu Ashokan of CPI(M) won the PC George’s Party-held seat in Ward I of Perunnilam in Poonjar Gram Panchayat of Kottayam district. The victory was secured by a 12-vote lead.  PC George’s candidate was ousted from his sitting seat and pushed to third position. The LDF victory comes overturning PC George’s Party after 15 years. The 13-member Panchayat comes to be ruled by LDF wit backing of seven members. UDF has 5 members. Back in 2020 election, Kerala Janapaksham candidate Shelmi Rennie won the seat by 71 votes. UDF candidate Shnthi Jose this time contested as Janapkasham candidate backed by BJP. Manju Jaimon stood for UDF. The last time, LDF had secured only 75 votes here.