31 March Friday

KV Bindu is Kottayam's District Panchayat President

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jan 28, 2023

Kottayam : KV Bindu  has been elected as District Panchayat president in Kottayam. Bindu,  a  CPI(M) candidate and member of the district panchayat representing Kumarakum; clinched victory in a  7-vote lead. The election was held at the District Panchayat meeting  held at 11 am morning.

District Collector Dr. PK Jayashree was the presiding officer. KV Bindu secured 14 votes while runner-up candidate Radha V Nair secured sevem. 21 members cast their vote. The seat had come vacant after the Nirmala Jimmy resigned her post as  president.