09 June Friday

KPCC President’s Remarks Deplorable: CPI(M)

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Mar 17, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram ; The remarks KPCC president made against Chief Minister are extremely deplorable, said CPI(M) State Secretariat in its Statement.  Though Sangh Parivar elements in North India went to the extent of putting price on Chief Minister’s head, that kind of culture had not emerged in Kerala. The KPCC President, who has overtly and covertly courts RSS, is moving in that direction.

It is after LDF got back-to-back rule that K Sudhakaran disclosed he held talks with the Sangh Parivar. He had also bragged of security he arranged for RSS’s new branch. Nehru who endeavoured hard to prevent India  from becoming a Hindu State, had, according to Sudhakaran, shared cordial ties with Sangh Parivar. Sudhakaran’s ways are beyond what one can tolerate -  the reason why there is rising  dissent against him inside Congress.

The State government in conducting its affairs, formulates measures to counter globalisation and conversion to Hindu State the Centre advocates. In being thus, Kerala is a guiding light to rest of the country.

This is the reason why Kerala governed by Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan is a state subject to Sangh Parivar’s rebuke. Believers of democracy should rise in strong protest against KPCC President’s attempt to implement Sangh Parivar’s aspirations in Kerala, read the CPI(M) State Secretariat Statement.