29 October Friday

KP Anil Kumar Quits Congress, Says Sudhakaran’s Takeover Akin To Taliban Seizure Of Afghanistan

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Sep 14, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Veteran Congress leader KP Anil Kumar announced his exit from Congress. The decision, follows disenchantment with K Sudhakaran’s leadership and what he described was  Sudhakarn's  undemocratic ways  that’s perpetrating “liquidation  of Congress.”  The decision to quit  also stems from  discontent over DCC president appointments and party’s continued refusal to lift disciplinary proceedings against him.

 KP Anil Kumar raised scathing criticisms over DCC president list with remarks ranging from  - “All names in the list are Group members” to “Appointment of DCC presidents were not done in due manner”, to “There were no discussions held on the matter”. Anil Kumar also slammed his suspension saying the disciplinary action against him over expressing views was unlike anything  Congress did before. He also hit out at leadership saying Congress workers have lost faith in Opposition leader VD Satheeshan and KPCC President K Sudhakaran.

In Kozhikode, MP M. K. Raghavan reduced the DCC and Congress to mere onlookers,  Anil Kumar,had said,  adding that the new  DCC president, is the MP's nominee.  Following the comment, Congress slapped a  showcause notice and temporary suspension on Anil Kumar - the longtime loyalist who has served Congress  in various capacities over decades including  5 years as KPCC Organising Secretary.

Even as Anil Kumar addressed the media starting 11 am announcing his leaving of  Congress, K Sudhakaran made a brief parallel appearance on television proclaiming  party decision to terminate Anil Kumar from Congress.  Anil Kumar  reacted to the news  by comparing  Sudhakaran’s proclamation to the shot from Telgu blockbuster where the Bhallala Deva stabs Bahubali after he lay dead. There’s  no shame to announce a dismissal way after I have pronounced my exit, he told reporters. At the news conference televised Live on news channels, Anil Kumar also said that K Sudhakarn’s takeover of Congress is similar to Taliban’s seizure of Afghanistan.