07 June Wednesday

Kottiyoor Rape Case : Vadakumchery Gets Reduced Sentence of 10 Years From High Court

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Dec 1, 2021

Kochi : Former Catholic priest Robin Vadakumchery gets a reduced sentence of 10 years  in connection with Kottiyoor rape  case, where he impregnated a minor who subsequently delivered.  The sentence handed by High Court stipulates 10 years of imprisonment and Rs 1 lakh in fine. The trial court hand punished Vadakumchery with a 20-year sentence and fine of rs 3 lakh under Section 376(2)(f) of IC and provisions of POCSO Act.

The case dates back to 2016. According to prosecution, in the May of that year, Vadakumchery asked the girl to come into his room at the church house and raped her there.  She eventually became pregnant and delivered a baby boy.  When the news of birth broke, the girl initially accused her own father of rape, but later pointed in the direction of then priest Vadakumchery upon detailed qestioning. A DNA test followed thjat confirmed Vadakumchery as the child’s father.

The case captured wide public attention after the rape survivor petitioned the Supreme Court indicating her willingness to marry the convict and seeking relief for his further term  in jail. Vadakumchery also pleaded with the court for suspension of his sentence by expressing willingness to settle into a marriage with the victim. The apex court had rejected both pleas.