25 March Saturday

Kodakkara Havala Case: More BJP Leaders Including L. Padmakumar Summoned For Questioning Today

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jun 3, 2021

Thrissur:  The police have summoned more  persons  questioning during the day in connection with the havala money robbery that took place in Koddakkara 2 days before the state elections. BJP State Media Secretary L Padmakumar is one among put on notice to appear for questioning at  Thrissur Police Club today. Others  summoned are believed to be acquainted with the havala case culprits as well.

L Padmakumar is in charge of Ernakulam Idukki, Kottayam and Alappuzha districts for BJP and police decided to look him up after the havala money carrier and RSS worker Dharmaraj implied him in his testimony. Others due for questioning today are suspected to have links with Dharmaraj. Police have also registered  case of cheating against havala case culprits Rajith and Martin.

Meanwhile, the police found discrepancies in statements given out by BJP’s District Secretary KK Aneesh during his interrogation. Police had confirmed Dharmaraj did not have election materials in the car when he arrived in Thrissur  whereas Aneesh maintained that he contacted Dharmaraj for collecting the election campaign items. The lodge accommodation, Aneesh said,  was booked because the  election material was due to arrive. He was caught in the lie as it was already confirmed that Dharmaraj never engaged in distribution of election materials  for the party.