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Martin’s Lifestyle Above Cinema Storyline; Income From Money Chain and Crypto Currency

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Jun 11, 2021

Kochi : The life led by Kochi’s  flat-torture case culprit is one that beats movie storyline.  Keeping the 27-year old Kannur woman captive for 22 days, he subject her to unspeakable  physical and mental torture.

The woman worked as fashion designer in Kochi when she first  met Martin and moved in live together in a flat at Marine Drive. There, Martin captured nude images of her and threatened to release them, should she attempt to leave the house or contact anyone. His tortures included brutal thrashings and inflicting burns. At some point, she managed to flee from the flat and went to Ernakulam Central police station. The police lodged an FIR on 8th of April based on her narration.

Martin lived a extravagant lifestyle paying a rent of Rs. 50,000 pm for the house. He did not connect up much with his home or family in Thrissur. All they were told was that he runs a successful business in Kochi. Except for his occasional appearance in luxury cars, the neighborhood in Thrissur too was  clueless on his whereabouts.

According to reports, Martin was involved in drug cases earlier. His source of income was mostly from money chain and crypto currency.

When police began their search in connection with present case, Martin went into hiding. Police traced his hide-out in an deserted industrial zone, from phone records of his close friends and using drone surveillance.