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Once operational, the industrial clusters will bring in Rs 15,000 crores investments into state and jobs to over 15,000 people

Kochi-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor : 17.3 Acres Acquired in Kannambra : P. Rajeev

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Tuesday Nov 23, 2021

Kochi : 17.3 acres of land,  in Palakkad’s Kannambra has been acquired and registration procedures completed  for the purpose of Kochi-Bengaluru Industrial corridor, said Industries Minister P. Rajeev on Tuesday.

Land  to be acquired in the first phase will comprise  312 acre in Kannambra and 653 acre in Thalassery followed by 558 acres in the second phase and 375 acres in the third phase. Registration procedures   for another 80 acres of land will be complete in next few days

Registration procedures  for acquisition of  178 acres of a total 312 acres marked in Kannabra, will be complete shortly. The remaining 134 acres shall be acquired per Acquisition Act of 2013.  It is expected to be able to complete the legal formalities and carry out all   acquisitions before 30 December, the minister said.

The Kochi-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor will rejuvenate the whole industrial sector in Kerala.  Once  operational, the Kochi-Bengaluru Industrial Corridor will draw    Rs 15,000 crores of inv5stments into the state, apart from  providing gainful employment to at least 15,000 young people. It is aimed to set up clusters relating to food processing, light engineering, jewelry, plastic, re-cycling  e-waste and other inorganic material, oil and gas, electronics, IT, logistics and automotive, as part of the project, said the minister.