23 November Monday

Welfare Pension Remittances Begin; Rs 705 Crore Sanctioned; 55.44 Lakh People To Get Rs 1400 Each

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Oct 29, 2020

 The distribution of  state social security pension for the month of October has begun.  The government sanctioned Rs 705.1 crore toward remittances and  44,43,773 beneficiaries  will receive Rs 1400 each in pension.  Despite   pandemic hitting the state economy hard, the pension payments make good on LDF promise that welfare pensions would  reach hands of the poor without disruption. Last month, the government  decided to remit pension each month instead of periodic lumpsums until now. 

The pensions are remitted in five categories. Pensions aggregating  Rs 618.71 crore  will be distributed among  49,13,785  people of which, Rs 318.93  crore will be credited into the bank accounts of  beneficiaries. Another Rs 299.78 crore will be distributed via co-operative societies to  be delivered to beneficiaries directly in their  hands.  A total of  6,29,988  workers who are members of various  welfare fund schemes will receive aid money from the government apart from their pensions.  Rs 86.46 crore has been sanctioned for the purpose. The various Welfare Fund Boards will be make the combined payments.