22 June Tuesday

Statewide Lockdown Begins, Read Restrictions and Relaxations Here

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 8, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram :The 9-day lockdown in state began morning 6 am Saturday lasting up to midnight of 16 May, 12 am. In the media briefing last evening, Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan said, for a densely populated state such as Kerala there is no effective alternative to prevent interactions among people than  lockdown.

There will be no hindrance to goods vehicles. Personal travel however will be strictly restricted unless found absolutely essential. With cooperation from the Fire Force department, the Highway police will reach emergency medicines to those who might be critically ill in their homes.  Banks will open on alternate days of Monday, Wednesday and Fridays only.

 In view of guest workers who  would be  rendered income-ss away from their homes, permission has been granted for construction works .  However, to protect these workers from likely infection infection, contractors must ensure food and accommodation at work site itself, said CM.

●     Police pass is mandatory for outside travel
●    Self-written declaration to be carried at all times outdoors.
●    Those reaching from outside states should register themselves on Jagratha portal or must undergo 14-day quarantine at one’s own cost.
●    No wayside eateries(thattukada) allowed
●    Garages repairing vehicles may open on last two days of the week
●    Auction at fish harbours not allowed.
●     Inter-district travel not allowed
●     Restaurants and hotels may remain open from 7 am to 7.30 pm parcel services alone.
●    Curbs stand eased for marriages, funerals, visit to the sick who might be close relatives, transporting sick persons from one place to another,  A self-declaration stating details and purpose should be carried for the purpose.
●    Restrictions including that of inter-district travel are also lowered for those performing  marriage/funeral rites, priests. Again self-declared details and ID proof are essential.
●     Lawyers and their clerks may travel if there be direct hearing on the day.
●     Bystanders to in-patients may travel to and fro their home after showing hospitalization record.
●    Units manufacturing or packing essential food items, medical products or  export goods may remain operational.
●    Petronet, KLNG, Visa Consular Service agencies, Regional Passport Offices, Post Offices, Customs and ESI will remain functional.
●    Motor Vehicle Department, Women and Child Development Dept. Dairy Development Dept and Norka too shall remain operational.