29 November Tuesday

Kerala High Court Directs Popular Front To Deposit Rs 5 Crores In Hartal Damages

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Sep 29, 2022

Kochi : The Kerala High Court on Thursday ordered Popular Front of India to deposit a sum of Rs 5.20 crores   in damages they caused during their illegal flash strike last Friday. The  loss amount is based on  government estimates and that of  KSRTC, the state transporter whose numerous buses were stone pelted and attacked by PFI workers resulting in shattered glasses, stranding of passengers and suspension of services.

The compensation amount must be deposited in two weeks with the Additional Chief Secretary.

Backdrop : The PFI called a dawn-to-dusk hartal in the state on 23 September, reacting to countrywide raids on its offices and residences of members that were followed by arrests of several leaders including senior figures.

Message : In the ruling, the Division Bench comprising Jusices AK Jayasankaran Nambiar and Mohammed Nias CP  took strong view against flash strikes and said “Flash Hartals in this State are not going to happen irrespective of political views, party or anyothers. Life of citizens cannot be put in peril. The message is loud and clear. If anybody does it this will be the consequence. You can have your organisation, you can have your demonstration against any cause. The Constitution permits it, but no flash hartals.”