27 June Monday

Kerala Demand Upheld; Supervisory Committee Specifies 137 Ft As Max Level For Mullaperiyar

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Wednesday Oct 27, 2021

New Delhi: The Supreme Court-appointed Supervisory Committee stated a maximum of 137 ft for water level holdable at Mullaperiyar dam – specification in line with Kerala’s demand for safety of  its people.  Against plea submitted by Kerala,  the apex court on Monday directed its supervisory panel  to come up with its assessment of maximum water limit that could be permitted at the dam, without compromising lives at stake.

At the Supervisory Committee meeting held Tuesday Kerala demanded for water storage at dam to not exceed 137 feet.  Delegates on Kerala side cited Supreme Court ruling of 2018 that directed water levels at a maximum of 139.99 ft at the dam, pointing out  conditions now as much worse than at the time. Breaching normal season frame, the northeast monsoon has just begun in Kerala and also its annual monsoons lasted unexceptionally long up until yesterday. As a consequence, water level at Mullaperiyar has risen high and if water be drained for relieving  purposes, the discharge would flow into Idukki dam, where it would be impossible to accommodate any further water. As a solution, Tamil Nadu should divert  maximum possible water in its region, urged Kerala. Tamil Nadu assured the meeting to not breach level of 138 feet.

However, considering  the twin factors of Idukki dam’s incapability for further load and advent of  northeast(thula) rains in Kerala, the Supervisory Committee  settled at 137 ft as the maximum level permissible.