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Media reports said the team contemplated leaving

Blasters can stay comfortably grounded in Kochi : EP Jayarajan

Web Desk‌Updated: Monday Oct 28, 2019
Thiruvananthapuram :Government shall do all that it takes for class  conduction of  Indian Super League(ISL) in Kerala, said Minister for Sports, EP Jayarajan.

As a step in the direction,  discussions shall be held with Blasters and authorities entrusted with holding matches in Koch, he added.

The assurance was prompted by  media reports that Kerala Blasters, which has huge fan following in the State, might leave home ground Kochi owing to hassles ranging from permissions to safety issues. The news aroused concerns from players, sports associations and fans alike.

Kerala has a tradition of respecting sportsmen on par with audience, emphasised Jayarajan.
Kochi witnesses arrival of   the largest audience during ISL  and Kerala Blasters has facilitated State participation in the prestigious soccer series, the minister said.
Government will ensure that matches are held at world standards and class  comforts are made available to spectators, he added.