27 March Monday

Kannur Corporation Resolution, Servitude to BJP: MV Jayarajan

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Monday Feb 6, 2023

Kannur : Kannur Corporation resolution with its  soft  stance on  Union Budget and vehement  opposition to State budget, shows its servitude to BJP, said CPI(M) District Secretary MV Jayarajan in a statement. The State Budget provides for  extensive development in Kannur. By contrast, the Union Budget cuts down owings to State  and  its developmental schemes. The Union Budget is anti-people, triggers inflation and triggers unemployment, the statement read.

The Centre's budget  hit  the poor hard by slashing allocation to the Employment Guarantee Scheme  and petroleum fertiliser--food subsidy. In its criticism of State government, the  Corporation turns a blind eye to all this. The  Chamber of Commerce and other organizations have welcomed the State Budget. The LDF government has sanctioned projects worth Rs 1500 crore that include 15 roads, 10 school buildings, 7 bridges, stadiums and grounds, Kanampuzha project, 3 colonies, macadamizing of existing roads and 2 tourism projects in Kannur Corporation limits alone.

The Corporation is currently using funds the State govt sanctioned for  construction of   new building complex and  waste treatment plant. People will dismiss with disdain, the Corporation view that's  blinded to all such facts.  The mayor took a unilateral stand without allowing the Opposition time to present facts.  Democratic-minded people  will make out how the  the Mayor shares  KPPC president’s   pro-RSS and anti-Marxism mindset, the statement read.