16 August Tuesday
Dharmaraj is wholly cooperating with cops bec he is innocent, said Surendran

No Denial On Phone Call To CK Janu Offering Rs 10 Lakhs; Police Digging Excessively Into Havala Case, Says K Surendran

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jun 3, 2021

Kozhikode : K Surendran is not in total denial of his telephonic call to CK Janu offering Rs. 10 Lakhs to sway her JRP party into alliance with NDA.  At the press conference held Thursday, K Surendran said “Several people called in during election days. Praseetha was one among them and I responded to her call in all courtesy. Unless I get to hear the entire audio recording, it would not be possible to comment on the issue. To my information, the audio clip doing rounds is an edited version.”

K Surendran also accused the police of digging more into  the Kodakkara  case than law permits.  There is no party link to the havala money; media is propagating false stories, he said. Those summoned for questioning have nothing to do with the case; half-truths and lies are being trumpeted to throw up a smokescreen, Surendran alleged.

BJP clarified at the very beginning  it has no bearing on the havala money. If the money was meant for BJP, why would Dharmaraj ever lodge a complaint with police?, Surendran asked. It is because he has no involvement that, Dharmaraj is cooperating with the police. He was only carrying posters and coupons for BJP in his car, said Surendran.