24 October Sunday
Sundar bagged 467 votes and Surendran lost by 89 seats in 2016 Assembly polls

Another Handout: K. Surendran Bribed BSP Candidate Rs 2.5 Lakh To Back Out From Manjeswaram

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Jun 5, 2021

Kozhikode:  In  latest accusation, K Surendran allegedly paid Rs 2.5 lakh together with a smart phone to BSP candidate K Sundar to back out from election race in Manjeshwaram.  A cheated Sundar laments  he was originally promised Rs 15 lakh in the deal.

If Surendran were to win, there would be more windfall from BJP including a wine parlour, Sundar told reporters, adding that the local BJP leaders had reached the advance bribe at his residence personally.

The allegation of dubious handouts is the second and closely follows  news of Rs. 10 lakh paid to CK Janu for contesting elections in Mananthawadi. Incidentally, Surendran’s secretary Deepan and driver Labeeshan are being questioned at Thrissur Police Club today in connection with the Kodakkara havala case.

K Sundar who filed his nomination  on BSP ticket later withdrew his papers and vanished for 4 days thereafter. BSP’s district leadership then lodged a missing case complaint with the police following which, Sundar made his appearance next day at BJP’s Maneswaram booth committee office.  Speaking to media at the time, he said he had withdrawn from contesting.

Long Shot
In Assembly elections of 2016, Sundar contested as an independent candidate winning 467 votes – largely believed to have been a bonanza from people  mistaking him for Surendran.  And, K. Surendran had lost the seat for 89 votes. The present bribe-to-backout plan, though a long shot, was aimed to remove what Surendran believed was his closest rival and clinch victory.