01 October Sunday
If Surendran is allowed to continue as state president, it will weaken the front further, said BDJS

“Surendran A Shame To The Front and Party” - Havala Interrogation Fallout

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Jul 15, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : There is wide feeling of K Surendran becoming a shame to the front and BJP after having to be interrogated by probe officials in the Kodakkara havala case.  Prominent party leaders who resent V Muraleedharan – K Surendran faction perceive the incident as loss of face for the party. Incidentally,  K Surendran has fallen out of favour with BDJS too with the leadership opining that his continuance as the state president will cause  further weakening of  the party.

Interestingly, the party ruling India is yet to come out with a formal response despite its state president appearing before the police as a suspect in the sensational case. Post the incident, Surendran is struggling to hold together members of his own group. Though there was plan for dramatic scenes up on his emergence after questioning, it fused out for want of numbers and smoking up in a namesake ritual of hardly 50 persons raising slogans.

It is utter helplessness and a paradox that the man throwing up baseless accusations at other party leaders and their families appears as accused before the police himself, said a leader from the Krishnadas faction.

 After havala case, Surendran is slated to be questioned in the CK Janu and  Sunadra bribery cases too. If leadership from persons like Surendran continues, there would be difficulty finding people to even stick posters for the party, said BDJS leader adding that, future course for BDJS will be announced shortly.