24 October Sunday
The climax came when cracker bursting to welcome Sudhakaran let loose swarms of hornets from a nest close by.

K Sudhakaran Faces Brunt Of Cadre Fury; Encounters “Vaada” “Podaa” Slurs From Workers In Kollam

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday Sep 25, 2021

Kollam : KPCC President K Sudhakaran encountered  derogatory slurs  and jostling upon his arrival in Kollam proclaiming he would transform Congress into a “semi-cadre party.” Incidentally, Sudhakaran and Working Committee President T Sishique who had arrived for  DCC leadership meeting became confronted by workers and leaders  from their own “cadre”.

Sudhakaran informed  he would reach the venue by 3 pm on Friday but showed up only around 5.15 pm. And even so, as he hurried past the waiting partymen into the DCC office to address the media. At this, party workers too barged into the room, hustlng closely behind him. Soon it turned into push and pull scenario between party workers and the Seva Dal.  T Sidhique who tried to jostle his way through, was squarely blocked by the Seva Dal, prompting  “vaada”, “podaa” and other unsavoury slurs among workers.

As the heat caught on, Sudhakaran and Kodikunnil became stranded inside the room with clashing groups  in no mood to end their brawl. Failing to identify Sidhique, some workers called out for his removal referring to him as Seva Dal. At this point, Sudhakaran came to hisrescue, escorting Sidhique to refuge of the room inside. To top it all, cracker bursting to welcome Sudhakaran stirred up a  hornet's nest nearby adding to the frenzy.