05 June Monday

K-Rail Strike: Congress Panicky; Tactics Crumble As CM Offers To Hear Out Prominent Citizens

Special CorrespondentUpdated: Wednesday Dec 29, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram : Congress’s strike against K-Rail is heading off tracks and leaders are desperate.  Their opposition to semi high-speed rail project, perceived by  public as resisting development, has dragged the party back in time. Adding to the headache is growing resentment from within over the unnecessary stance. And, now  with  Chief Minister offering to take  views of prominent residents from all districts, strike planner leaders have lost the little  steam there was.

Congress's response as to why it opposes K-Rail couldn't be more diverse. Chennithala brags the rail means kickbacks to government and what is rather needed is  High-speed rail. VD Satheesan kicks in  perceived impact to environment and adamantly urges to stop Pinarayi Vijayan from becoming a historic figure. Muslim League reiterates  it is not dismissive of  the project  all and sundry, rather, problems in the regard  should be heard out.  What such plethora of diverse views  go to show is lack of any real reason for the opposition Congress is putting up and that the party's main problem is how the develpmental feat will add one more feather in cap for the LDF.

Congress is increasingly  distraught by a large majority of followers supporting  Shashi Tharoor’s stand  that development shall not be opposed for in the name of political rivalry. Cases and propaganda about 8-meter-high wall, tracks through swamps, debt trap and so forth have fallen flat. Congress’s big worry also includes impending public backlash now that  LDF workers and the government is out at scene explaining facts and allaying anxieties relating to K-Rail.