23 March Thursday

Josin Bino Is Pala Municipality Chairperson, First CPI(M) Candidate In Pala To Win The Post

Web Desk (Tvm)Updated: Thursday Jan 19, 2023

Pala : LDF candidate Josin Binu from CPI(M) has been elected as Chairperson of Pala Municipality. She is an independent CPI(M) reperesentative from Mundupalam.

Josin Bino secured 17 votes in the 25-member Council. Rival candidate VC Prince of Congress got 7 votes. Opposition member, Jimmy Joseph – a representative from the 23rd ward - stayed away informing neutrality. Vote cast by Congress’s Leader of the Opposition,  Prof. Satish Chollani's was rendered invalid after he failed to put down his name and signature behind the ballot paper.  Combined, the nine-member Opposition including an Independent lost two votes.

It is the first time in Pala history that a CPI(M) candidate is elected to the Chairperson post. Anto Jose Padinjarekkara recommended the name of Josin Bino as candidate. Vice Chairperson CG Prasad seconded it.

CG Prasad suggested Prof VC Sateesh Chollani’s name for Vice Chairpeson post. It was seconded by Maya Rahul. The election was necessitated after former Chairperson Jose Vishkekkara from Kerala Congress resigned. Pala Education District Officer K Jayshree acted as the Election Officer.