03 December Saturday

INL Welcomes Jifri Thangal’s Decision, Dubs League’s Call As Dubious Tactic

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Thursday Dec 2, 2021

Kozhikode : Samastha  president Sayyid Jifri Muthukoya Thangal’s announcement to avoid mosque protests given its potentiality for provocations, is a welcome decision, said INL State General Secretary Kasim Irikkur.  With this, the League’s plan to play communal politics by arraying Muslim organisations behind it, has crumbled. The decision reflects Jifri Thangal’s awareness on dire consequences the organising of such programmes in mosques could  eventually lead to, said Irikkur.

Chief Minister’s message to hold talks on Waqf issue is an ideal example of democracy. This spells big setback to Muslim League’s dubious tactic that forever uses religious organisations for political gains.  It also goes to show that Muslim League convened the mosque protests without consulting the veteran religious heads.  Samastaha Kerala Jamiat-ul-Ulma has once again proved it is not an organisation that will play along  with League’s whims.

In the context of Citizens’ Register too,  Samastha proved its mettle  by rejecting  League’s call and instead participating in the  Constitution Protection Rally convened by Chief Minister. Jifri Thangal’s appropriate decision has helped ease tensions caused by call given by the League General secretary. It also spells relief across  the devout community, said Kasim Irikkur in a statement.