22 September Friday

Infant Recovered : Kidnapping Meant To Blackmail Boyfriend, Who Believed She Was Divorcee

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday Jan 7, 2022

Infant(L), Abductor Neetu(R)

Kottayam: The kidnapping of newborn from Kottayam Medical College was allegedly motivated for blackmailing purpose in a love triangle.

The woman abductor Neetu had met Kalamassery native Ibrahim Baudhushah on internet. Although married, with her husband working in Gulf, Neetu convinced Ibrahim she was divorced.

Both Ibrahim and Neetu’s husband were aware of her pregnancy. However, what they didn’t know was that she had aborted the baby. Meanwhile,  Ibrahim began preparations to marry someone else. Desperate, Neetu hit upon  plan to blackmail Ibrahim and keep him in the relationship,
Neetu abducted the newborn from Kottayam Medical College on Thursday disguised as a nurse.

Neetu is a former IT employee who presently works with an event management group, where Ibrahim is her co-worker. She has a six-year-old son. Neetu told police Ibrahim took money and gold from her on several occasions and that the blackmailing was only meant to have him return all of that.

The information so far was come up on after  SI and DySP  questioned Neetu. However they are not very sure. For putting all pieces of the puzzle together they plan to bring the pair in together for questioning.