30 May Tuesday

In Justifying Murder After Committing It, Congressmen Are Re-slaying Killing The Dead : CM

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Friday Jan 14, 2022

Thiruvananthapuram : By perpetrating  violence  and justifying  murder after committing it, the Congress is  in effect re-slaying  the dead, said CPI(M) Politburo member Pinarayi Vijayan. Congress and communal forces are promoting violence in  big way, said Chief Minister, inaugurating Thiruvananthapuram Sammelanam Friday.

Congress is embracing violent methods. Dheeraj’s martyrdom in Idukki is proof of this. 134 comrades have fell victims to Congress’s fatal knifing. 215 lives were snatched by Sangh Parivar. 13 comrades were murdered in the district of Thiruvananthapuram alone. Congress and Sangh Parivar must realise, we need peace in the society.

The Opposition is wholly  aware LDF secured continued governance owing to developments it brought about in state. This is why BJP and Congress are insistent to not allow  any more  developmental works. Protests against SilverLine is part of that adamance. They seek to sabotage projects with aim to ruin development in state. For Kerala to surge forward, there must be mega projects and influx of private investments. For that to happen, we must have basic infrastructure in place. And, to do that  in conditions now, we have to come up on funds outside of Budget. SilverLine in one such project that would spell  developmental leap for the the state. The government is bringing handsome compensation package toward  land acquisitions  required for the project. No family would be left in the lurch on account of the project. Still, BJP and Congress are looking for ways to upend SilverLine.

Congress has identical  take  on globalisation and communal fanaticism and therefore cannot  emerge as    alternative to BJP. Both parties are same in terms of fostering globalisation at cost of plunging the public into distress. Congress has abandoned secularism and settled for  communalism. Globalisation-privatisation and anti-people policy are hallmark of these two parties. LDF government  worked alternative policies in  Kerala. If regional parties and secular-minded organisations join up  with LDF, it would become possible to topple BJP government in next elections. The significance of such front  is being currently witnessed in pre-election turmoils  occurring in U.P.  Leaders, including ministers are resigning from BJP and joining Samajwadi Party in U.P.

If Modi government were to come to power one more time, it would spell doom for the country. CPI(M) has solid stand on financial front and confronting extreme communalism – factors that  tremendously upped credibility  of CPI(M) and other Left parties in the minds of  public. What’s required now is for   regional parties  to join up with such credibility of the  Left to become alternative force and  defeat BJP, said CM.