28 March Tuesday

How Can Expired Rank Lists Be Revived?; Opposition Knows There Is No Such Law : CM

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday Feb 16, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram :The propaganda of backdoor appointments happening  with PSC made to be mere spectator is absolutely baseless, said Chief Minister Pinarayi Vijayan. Former Chief Minister Oomen Chandy too has turned up for spreading these rumours in order mislead the public. In four years and seven months in tenure, this government has published far more rank lists than UDF government. 13,825 police recruitments were made as against 4791 under UDF government. There were 19,120 LDC appointments  by this government while UDF figure stands at 17,711. And the govt has been functioning thus despite challenges of covid conditions, said CM.

This government forwarded a total of 1,57,990 job recommendations to PSC. 27,000 permanent job vacancies were created. Over and above these, 44,000 new posts were created. That’s the record of appointments and job recommendations. A look up of figures relating to major appointments will clarify this.

Figures compare as follows: LDC appointments - UDF 17,711 and LDF 19,120; Police recruitments - UDF 4796   and LDF  13,825; LP School Assistants - UDF   1,630 and LDF  7,322; UP School Assistants - UDF   802 and LDF 4,446  ;Staff Nurse (Health) - UDF 1,608  and LDF  3,607; Asst. Surgeon (Health) - UDF 2,435  and LDF  3,324; Staff Nurse(Medical) - UDF 924  and LDF  2,200. In addition to these, appointments were also made from the adivasi segment in police and excise departments.

The Opposition protest  being carried out now actually runs against the interests of  job aspirants. All of the  Opposition’s empty allegations and ugly moves have crumbled. It is with eye on elections that UDF seeks  to organising youngsters under protests. Is it possible for former CM to say that appointing everybody on the rank list is practical for any govt? It is surprising how former CM himself has descended on the scene demanding revival of expired rank lists. It is a dirty move aimed by Opposition for reaping political gains via protests. The demand now is to revive CPO rank list that expired in June of 2020, Just how can outdated rank lists be revived ? Is there any law permitting it? Surely, the Opposition leaders are  aware there is none. But they seek to mislead youngsters by luring them with the impossible.

Has this govt shown any kind of oversight with regard to CPO rank list? Has the govt done anything at all to deprive rank holders of opportunities thereof?  The govt reported vacancies for up to December 2021.  PSC job applicants are children of this land. And, it is government’s aim to do as much possible in their interest, said CM.