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Hotel Owner’s Murder: Siddique Found Missing On Day He Sacked Shibili

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday May 26, 2023

Kozhikode : The murder of hotel owner in Kozhikode raises more questions than it answers. The deceased owner, Siddique, went missing on the same day that he fired Shibili, said his brother. Other staff had complained about Shibili’s behaviour. He was also accused of having stolen cash  missing from hotel's counter. Shibili was sent away after being paid all salary due to him. .

Two lakh rupees are missing from Siddique’s bank account, said the deceased’s brother. When Siddique went missing, so did his ATM card. Police suspect the killers might have swiped the card and withdrawn that sum.

Siddique was reported missing on 18 May. His son had lodged a missing-complaint with police on the 22nd. His body parts were later found in a bag and the case was ruled as murder.  Police suspect Siddique was killed on 18 or the  day next. The murder took place inside the hotel at Eranjipalam where Siddique and the two suspects had lodged.  The booking was made by Siddique  himself.

According to their testimonies, the culprits murdered him inside the hotel room and then dismembered his body after which, they packed his remains into a trolly bag and dumped it in Athapadi. Images captured on CCTV at the hotel show all three men enter the hotel. However, during exit, there are only the two accused and Siddique never makes his way out at any point. Also, the duo are seen carrying a trolly bag,now believed to have been contining Siddique's body parts.

Police are digging deeper to find out the extent and motive of the crime.