04 October Wednesday

Hotel Owner’s Murder: Motive and Victim’s Relation With Killers Remain Mystery

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Saturday May 27, 2023

Kozhikode : Police continue to interrogate suspects involved in gruesome murder of hotel owner, Mecheri Siddique, hoping to come up on the motive and what relation the victim had with his killers.

 18-year-old Shbili who was staffed for a brief time at Siddique’s hotel and her friend Farhana(18)  are in custody along with the driver Ashiq who rode the couple away after the crime with remains of Siddique bagged in trunk of his car. However, none of the suspects  have cracked so far and the events triggering the murder remains a mystery so far.

The crime:
Hotel owner Mecheri Siddique went missing on 18 May. His dismembered body was found in a trash bag in Athapadi. Police rounded up Farhanai(18), her friend Shibili(20)  whom Siddique had fired from work on the day  he went missing.  It transpired that Siddique booked two rooms in a hotel in Eranjipalam - one for Shibili and Farhana and another suite  for himself. At some point, Shibili and Farhana went to his room, murdered him, cut his body into three, bagged the butchered torso into two trolly bags, loaded them into trunk of a waiting car on the 19th and rode away. The murder bears hallmarks of revenge killing but police are not sure if money could have been the trigger.