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Hotel Owner’s Murde : Farhana’s Phone Call Land Trio In Police Net; No License Anymore For D Cos Hotel

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Tuesday May 30, 2023

Kozhikode : The phone call Farhana(18) made to her relative in Ottapalam proved to be the lead police was waiting for to trace  the absconding killer trio. After killing hotel owner Siddique and dumping his dismembered body in mountain pass of Athapadi, Farhana(18), the victim’s former employee Shibili(20) and third accomplice Ashique had fled to Chennai. There, Farhana  called her relative from another person’s phone,  eventually leading police to track them down  in the area.

Police in their report for custody stated that Siddique was tortured to death. Shibili had slashed Siddique’s neck and Ashiq kicked the victim several times in the chest as he lay on the floor. After the murder, the gang cut up the body into three before packing it into bags and washed the room to clean up evidence. . The gang took Siddique’s ATM and withdrew large sums of money, read the report.

Meanwhile, it has been found that D Cos Hotel, where the murder took place was operating without license . Nor Corporation license or permit from the Pollution Board, the police said. D Cos hotel was forced to shut operations soon after the crime and now don’t stand a chance to secure a license.

The Brutal Murder
Hotel owner Mecheri Siddique went missing on 18 May. His dismembered body was found in a trash bag in Athapadi. Police rounded up Farhanai(18), her friend Shibili(20)  whom Siddique had fired from work on the day  he went missing.  It transpired that Siddique booked two rooms in a hotel in Eranjipalam - one for Shibili and Farhana and another suite  for himself. At some point, Shibili and Farhana went to his room, murdered him, cut his body into three, bagged the butchered torso into two trolly bags, loaded them into trunk of a waiting car on the 19th and rode away. The murder bears hallmarks of revenge killing but police are not sure if money could have been the trigger.