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Hotel Owner’s Murder: Crime Gruesome, Personal; Police Struggle To Find Actual Motive

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Friday May 26, 2023

Kozhikode : The Kozhikode hotel owner butchered and dumped in Athapadi,  has left a number of unanswered questions. The deceased victim, Siddique was murdered in a hotel at Eranjipalam, where he had booked 2 rooms - one for himself and other for killer couple,  Farhan(21) and the woman employee he had fired just that day, 18-year-old Shibili.

-    Why did Siddique book rooms iin a different hotel, while he owned  a hotel  of his own?
-    What led him to book room for  Shibili and her friend Farhan, given that Shibili had worked at his hotel for just 15 days.
-    The crime was personal and gruesome and held all components of a revenge killing. So what was motive triggering the murderous rage ?

Police are questioning each of the arrested sepeartely hoping to find answeres.

Siddique went missing on 18 May, the same day that he booked rooms at D Cos Hotel in Eranjipalam.  CCTV images of a textile shop in front of the hotel showed Shibili loading a trolly bag into the trunk of a waiting car around 3.00 pm on the 19th.  The video recording shows Farhan coming up about 10 minutes later and loading another bag.  All the time,  the driver Ashique, is seated  inside the car.

Siddique was killed inside the hotel and his body dismembered. His ATM card was used by the culprits to withdraw large sums of money. Still money looks like a added benefit to police at least as of now, rather than trigger for the brutal killing. Police expect at least one will come clean on the actual motive involved.