04 June Sunday

“Hindus Must Be Brought Back To Power” : VD Satheesan Justifies Rahul Gandhi’s Remark

Web Desk(TVM)Updated: Monday Dec 13, 2021

Thiruvananthapuram ;  Opposition Leader VD Satheesan  justified Rahul Gandhi’s remark that Hindutvavadis(Hindu fanatics) should be ousted from power and Hindus reinstated. It is people not knowing Hindi that are critical of Rahul Gandhi, says Satheesan. Incidentally, Satheesan’s version comes amid accusation that Rahul Gandhi is once again playing the appeasement strategy. Rahul Gandhi has voiced the Congress stance and the same will be observed here in Kerala, Satheesan added.

“This is land of the Hindus not Hindutvavadis  The Hindutvavadis are abusing power since 2014. It is not Hindu Raj in India, it is Hindutvaraj. We must oust these Hindutvavadis from power and reinstate Hindus.”.. thus ran Rahul’s remarks at a mega rally held in Rajasthan.