04 October Tuesday

13, 053 Civil Police Officer Recruitments in 4 Years; 1947 Vacancies To Be Filled In Shortly

Rasheed AanapparaUpdated: Saturday Jul 4, 2020


Thiruvananthapuram : 11,106 civil police officers, both men and women, were recruited into police force  in the past four years. Report on the last batch candidates numbering 1947 have been forwarded to PSC, the appointments of which are expected to happen shortly.  With procedures complete  on Tuesday, the recruitment tally for civil police officers on LDF coming into power now stands at 13,053. Incidentally, all appointments were  made from former rank lists.

The report forwarded to PSC comprises 413 female cadre and special appointments in SC-ST category. Their appointments will be officiated as soon as the final list is vetted. 5629 recruitments pertain to the rank list with expiry dated Tuesday. 3682 candidates among them have received their appointment orders already. The recruits include those who are currently under training and some who have completed it. Recommendations have been sent for 1947 candidates who arrived up to midnight. 92 appointments were made in categories of sports and relief. 5667 appointees were drawn from the  civil police officers’  2018 rank list dated 11 January while 800 appointments pertained to women civil police officers rank list.

Earlier, the government had lend its nod for appointing maximum numbers from the rank list expiring Tuesday and 1200 temporary appointments based on vacancy estimates for up to 31 December  2021. Additionally 1125 appointments were made into SAP and 832 in MSP. Appointments also  include  602 into I, 953 at II, 763 at II, 754 at IV and 600 into V of KAP.