01 October Sunday

Higher Education Minister Seeks Urgent Report on Death of Engineering Student Shradha

Web Desk(Tvm)Updated: Monday Jun 5, 2023

Thiruvananthapuram : The Higher Education Minister R Bindu asked for urgent and detailed report on death of engineering student Shradha- a student of Amal Jyoti Engineering College in Kottayam’s Kanjirapally. The direction for report was issued to Higher Education Principal Secretary Eshita Roy. Sharadha’s family members said it was mental agony caused by department heads and teachers at the college that led to Shradha’s tragic death.  The authorities also committed deliberate lapse in her admission to the hospital, Shradha’s family claimed.

Shradha, a Thiruvankolam native from Tripunitura, hanged herself inside the hostel room Friday night. At the hospital, he college authorities told doctors she had fell from dizziness. Had they been forthright about the cause, Shradha might have been administered the right treatment, the family members said.

The college authorities had snatched away Shradha’s mobile for using it inside the lab. She was found hanging from the fan the same night and though transported to the hospital,  she succumbed to death.

The Amal Jyoti College students are protesting at the campus following Shradha’s death. They demanded that those responsible for her death should be brought before law.